4 Benefits of Playing Adventure games

Racing Games, puzzle games, live-action game and any other video games, all help people in some way or the other. The benefits of video games have been proved again and again. The only limit is to choosing the right game because each kind boosts a different quality. For example, people who want to improve their brain functioning will be most advantaged by adventure games. We explore four positive aspects of playing adventure video games below.

  • A research that was done in 2013 found that a person who played about fifty hours of action games saw an increased level of multitasking. The ability to perform two or more tasks at the same time comes from the brain. An adventure game requires the player to divide attention between targets, this increases their ability to multitask effectively. The more you play adventure games, the better your multitasking skills will be.
  • A person who has played adventure games is better at making a faster decision than one who has not. A video game needs the player to make spur of the moment choices based on evidence given. When a person repeatedly exposed to a situation where they need to make fast decisions, they adapt. They comprehend the entire circumstances faster than a layperson. ┬áThe brain gets conditioned to come up with an answer in a matter of minutes if not seconds. Because the brain has learnt to do so, therefore it makes quicker and better choices.
  • Adventure video games are also known to improve dyslexia. The condition is generally caused by problems in visual attention. The brain is unable to correctly interpret letters, words or symbols. Even though the intelligence level is same as any other person, the ability to learn through reading is hindered. Adventure games require a person to keep the target in their sight. Constant playing has shown to reduced chances of dyslexia and bettering visuals.
  • The last benefit of playing adventure video games is actually twofold. It increases concentration and thus decreases impulsiveness. Every game demands the complete attention of the player. When the focus is lost, mistakes are made, and the player loses. This ups the level of concentration a person has. Furthermore, when playing adventure games, one learns to respond only to target stimuli. The brain learns not to react to the rest of the provocations. This ability reduces the impulsiveness in a person.

Concentrating on the required topic and not reacting immediately to useless things are skills that can be extremely useful in real life. Making quicker decisions has virtually become the need of the hours in this busy century where stopping means losing. Multitasking is one capability that every person needs to keep up with the fast pace of the world. Thus, every benefit that adventure games offer have a practical use and these were just some of them! Pick any adventure game and start playing, if you want to inculcate these abilities. We assure you that you will see an enhancement soon enough!

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