Comparing The Top Three Gaming Consoles

If you haven’t thought of a gift for your loved ones this Christmas, check out gaming consoles. Holiday season is the right time for promoting video games, software, hardware and other accessories. For the past two years, Xbox and PlayStation are the most popular gifts according to a research firm NPD Group. The SEO companies Chennai play a great role in helping you decide which website to choose, while buying a gift during the holiday season. If you are considering gifting gaming consoles, go ahead and read more on choosing the best console this festive period. can also help you decide on the best product, as they are responsible for the ranking system for computer games.

Tips for choosing a console

Playstation 4
PlayStation is developed by Sony. Some of the reasons to invest in a PS4 are discussed further. The PS4 comes with a DualShock 4 controller that is rated to be the best thus far. The size is perfect, providing convenience to quick access the features. It comes with speakers offering an ambit of sound effects. Sharing is quick and convenient on the PS4, with a single share button you can broadcast on YouTube or Twitch. You can also take a screenshot and post on Twitter. It is easy to share your digital experience with your friends through social networking sites without the need to navigate multiple menus.

The PS4 has a bright future, though the earlier products were thin, post-2016 has opened new avenues in the Uncharted Series and The Last Guardian. The advent of virtual reality has invaded the gaming industry and PlayStation VR will make it to the markets with virtual reality headset. Then there is Cloud TV Service called PlayStation Vue. If you are in games like Call of Duty or Destiny, PS4 buyers can get their hands on the expansion earlier.

Xbox One
The Xbox is developed by Microsoft. The backwards compatibility of the product is a plus. Your Xbox 360 library will work perfectly fine on Xbox One. You can add games through digital downloads or through a disc. The buyer will have access to old games and can slowly develop their library. Xbox One offers a wide range of apps and accessories, facilitating to catch HD TV signals. In fact this could be an alternative to cable box replacement.

Some of the game line-ups include, first party line-ups like Forza Motorsport 6, Halo 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raiders. Apart from these you can find third party line-ups like Star Wares and Fallout 4. If you are willing to spend some money, get the premium version for $499 that comes with a 1TB SSHD for better performance. With elite upgrades get an elite controller with directional pads and interchangeable thumbsticks.

Wii U
Wii U is developed by Nintendo. The Nintendo is a budget console and comes with less horsepower in comparison with Xbox One or PS4. Another missing feature is the game DVR. But for the price, it is a family entertainer with games like Mario, Splatoon and Wolly World. The virtual console comes with the old school games like Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong. If you have these games on the earlier Wii, it is compatible with the Wii U also. The Wii controller can be used with Wii U as well.

Keeping your requirement and budget in mind choose the right gaming console.

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