Escape Games And How They Boost Real Life Skills

It is said the playing is vital for children. In recent years, studies have shown that even video games have a beneficial effect. But are there any games that can be leveraged to build qualities in adults?  The answer lays in Live Escape/Puzzle games. It might be hard to swallow, but the truth is that there are many pros to playing a real escape room game. Let’s expound on some of them below.

  • Concentration is one of the critical aspects of successfully clearing an escape room. Most live escape room games are built on linear progression, i.e., one has to solve the first puzzle before they can move onto the next. There is an order the players have to stick to in order to escape. This means the brain has to concentrate on one problem first before moving onto the next. This increases the capacity to focus on a single topic. The attention is demanded by the complicated puzzle, and hence the concentration power improved. Players learn to focus singularly.
  • The drive to compete and win is awakened and inculcated in the players. In a live escape room, the people involved have just sixty minutes to solve a mixture of intricate puzzles.  This motivates them to cross each hurdle and reach the very end. This same passion can be used in real life to achieve targets and goals.
  • The puzzles included in escape rooms are not simple. Everything a player sees, touch or smell can be part of the problem and become a solution. This means that cookie cutter answers are not the way out. To escape the individuals have to think creatively. They have to look for patterns and pinpoint things that might be useful at a later stage. The same creative thinking can be applied at jobs and daily life to come up with better solutions and answers.
  • Most of us have low spatial awareness. We rarely register the things that are around us. This is especially true for surroundings that are very new or very old to us. A puzzle escape room demands awareness from the player. They not only have to search for clues and object but also be conscious of what they see. Everything that is around them has potential and can be the key to solving a puzzle.
  • The most significant benefit of the escape room is the mental exercise. Every time a player enters the locked room, he or she is challenged. They have to exercise the brain to solve logical puzzles. They have to overcome tricky mathematical questions using skills that were learnt long, long back. Thinking out of the box and working in tandem with team members is also crucial to solving the game. The very foundation of the game is to come out of the comfort zone which in turn acts as a physical activity for the brain.

If you don’t believe us, we say try an escape room puzzle, and it is a guarantee that you will see an enhancement in real life skill soon enough!

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