The 3 Dominating Console Video Games In The World Right Now

When it comes to the world of Video games, there are just three contenders worth mentioning – at least in the console market. They are the PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox. Each has its own unique advantages and equally irritating drawbacks. While one may be easy to use, the other is best for traveling and the last offers live-streaming. Discussed here are the three console video games in some detail to give users and potential buyer a fair idea about each.

  • Sony’s PlayStation4:

This is the most popular console when considering the present generation. It was launched in 2013, just as Xbox, and it has dominated the market every year. The sale of PlayStation has outranked Xbox by a high degree. Sony’s console came into the market with a price tag of four hundred dollars, and some of its features were an advanced AMD GPU. This was the base model, which is not available today. The model was upgraded and is now offered in two versions – the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro.

The reason PS4 has been outselling Xbox for the past five years is Virtual Reality. It is the only console video game that offers a plug-and-play VR package, and this is what makes it arguably the best video game.

  • Microsoft’s Xbox One:

The Xbox has no Virtual Reality games. It does not support 4K like PS4, and when it comes to graphical powers, it is subpar to PS4 Slim. Yet, there is a demand for the console, and the reason for it is the Play Anywhere program. Xbox allows cross-play between the console and Windows 10. This means a gamer can play a video game with a buddy who just has a PC and not the Xbox. It even allows a single user seamless play between both systems.  Microsoft has indeed bridged the gap between console video games and personal computers.

Another positive of Xbox One is that there is no additional cost involved in the Play Anywhere games. Buying it on one system automatically includes it into the other.

  • Nintendo’s Switch:

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console game on the market right now. The most popular is the PS4. But, when it comes to wonderful, it is the Switch. Nintendo’s console cannot play a wide variety of games. It does not support 4K, yet it is the practicality of it which has made it so much in demand. The hybrid console can be used to play video games in 720p anywhere and at any time. The 6.2-inch display portable console can also be hooked up to the television to play games in up to 1080p.

So, how does one decide the best console? The answer is: one cannot. Each console has areas in which they excel and some in which they fail. The best console would be the one that fits the personal preference of the buyer. Therefore, when choosing between the 3, think of what you want out the gaming system and then pick.

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